“The Doyles”

My painting called “Living on the Edge” has made it into the finals of “The Doyles”.


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Prints of “Living on the Edge”, “Afternoon Tide” and “Two Jubilees, in the Calm, Before the Front Hits” are now available at https://www.buyartnow.com.au/site_search?search=Rod+Bailey.

Print of Great going to the United States.

A print of “Great” is off to the United States next week and should look great hanging on the wall over there scaring local swimmers.


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More of my paintings are now available to purchase as prints from https://www.buyartnow.com.au/site_search?search=Rod+Bailey

Buy Art Now

You can now purchase prints of some of my paintings at https://www.buyartnow.com.au/rod-bailey. I’m putting more up all the time.

New Exhibitions

I will be having a few exhibitions of my work early in 2022 – keep an eye on my site for more details.