High Quality Giclee Fine Art Prints

I am now making many of my works available in super high quality Giclee Fine Art Prints.

There are several mediums, sizes and styles.

A guide to Giclee

A Giclee print, also called a fine art print, is the closest duplication of an artwork that is physically possible.

The word “Giclee” is a french term, which when translated means “to squirt out”. In the art world, it refers to the way an inkjet printer works – squirting or spraying the ink when printing artwork.

You might have also heard people mention “archival print” or “museum-grade printing.” All of these terms refer to the same process of art reproduction.

And a process it is.

In order to achieve a high quality fine art print, several steps must be followed. Specific equipment and materials must be used, and there is a certain degree of skill required of the person completing the job.

What’s the difference between a Giclee and a traditional print?

A true Giclee print will use pigment-based inks, archival material and a wide format printer that can hold up to 12 colours. A traditional print, or cheaper art print, will likely be printed on a lower end printer, using dye-based inks and paper than is a lower quality/not considered fine art paper.